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FREE Windbreak Inspections!

As Spring approaches and trees start leafing out, many rural landowners notice their windbreak doesn't look as green and healthy as it once did. There may be down branches or standing dead trees, or evidence of disease or pest infestations. Although trees are long-lived and tree plantings are intended to give many years of protection, every windbreak should be inspected periodically to ensure it is still able to serve the purpose it was planted to perform.

McIntosh County Soil Conservation District staff are available to inspect your windbreak and assess its effectiveness in protecting the farmyard or other structures it was planted to protect, and make management recommendations for keeping it healthy and functional. This is provided completely free of charge and the landowner is under no obligation to follow the recommended practices.

To schedule a windbreak inspection, call us today!


Dakota Legacy Initiative

Intended with North Dakota's best interest in mind, the Dakota Legacy Initiative aims to take the
guesswork out of what sources are reliable and share information that is vital to the success of
our land and water. The vision is for all North Dakotans to recognize and embrace our heritage
of conservation to ensure the legacy carries on, not just for years, but generations.

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